Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let the CUTE-OSITY commence!

The interwebs may be powered by pictures of cute kittens, but what powers those cute kittens? That's right, pictures of cute squirrels.

This is a picture I took with my new camera and I am opening up a photoshop contest. Add a cute dialogue bubble or something cute for him to hold or anything else that enhances the cute-osity of the pic and post a link in the comments. Or, if that sounds like too much work, just bask in the pure, unadulterated cuteness of the original photo. That's OK too.

If I receive more than zero submissions, a winner will be chosen by me. The prize is a squirrel skin cap, size 2 3/4, or XXXS for those who don't know their real hat size.

Cuteness commence on my mark..........MARK! (Wahlberg)

UPDATE: We have a second submission. This one from my good friend Jeremy Sorensen. It's a litt-oh potty! It's so cute because it's litt-oh!

13 Helens agree.

B. said...

Corbin. I'm so glad to see that my nagging last week prompted a post. Your "freshest" hell was getting a bit stale. So, here's my submission. I don't think it adds much to the cute-osity of the photo . . . but it definitely captures how I feel about squirrels and/or chipmunks. I don't trust them. Too darn shifty.

corbin said...
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corbin said...

Brenden, why don't you trust squirrels or chipmunks? Was it because of that time you thought you were going to a live performance of two lovable Disney chipmunks and you ended up only getting an eyeful of man cake?

B. said...

I don't remember sharing that story with you . . . but yes. Scarred for life.

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