Friday, March 28, 2008

Grateful to be back from the Dead

Alice and I went on tour with the Dead. We have been living in a VW bus, eating soy jerky and stinking of patchouli for the past few months. Needless to say, we haven't had access to a computer to update our blog. So please, please forgive us.

Will this be us in 20 years?

Actually, we have just been too lazy/too busy to find even a few brief moments to share our lives with our family and friends. I for one have spent every waking moment playing with my newest and most beloved possession, my iPhone. I wish I could surgically implant my iPhone into my brain because then I would be three times as smart as I am now and be able to email my thoughts directly to Dr. Phil, instead of having to type them out every time I need his advice.

As Bradley pointed out, owning an iPhone should not relieve a person of their blogging duties. In fact, owning an iPhone should make blogging easier, with the whole of the interwebs now in my pants. Now that I have thoroughly explored and hacked the heck out of my phone, maybe that will be the case. I am hoping that a third party app will come along that will allow me to easily blog from my iPhone. Then you should see the number of posts skyrocket. Just don't expect corresponding quality.

As I am still not sure if this renewed commitment to blogging will last, I will keep this post short and hope that people won't start checking this again until I have a few more posts up. But I will leave you with a photo of note. This is a picture I snapped of a guy I have dubbed 'Asian Kid (of Kid'N'Play)'. I see him on campus occasionally and his hair always makes me smile. It may not be the best picture, but you can still get a sense of the awesome wonder of his daring hirsute personality.

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