Monday, October 6, 2008

Hurrah for Costco!

Well, I'm still not sold on Costco, but everyone keeps telling me it's worth the membership fee. I must say though, I love their mini restaurant. And you don't even need an active Costco card. Tonight we dined at their mini restaurant, feasting on pizza and salad. If it had been up to Corbin we would have had pizza and hot dogs and I'd currently be in the queue for a heart transplant. Corbin loves his pig products. On Sunday we had brunch with friends. I seriously believe Corbin ate the entire package of sausage. I believe he will be coming down with a severe case of "hot dog fingers" soon.

After our fine dining, we stocked up on our immediate food needs as well as food storage. Each time we go, we buy a few items for our food storage. This time we purchased canned evaporated milk and stuffing. Corbin promised me that we will have TONS of things to do with the evaporated milk. Let's hope so.

P.S. This is NOT a picture of Corbin for those of you who have not seen him recently. His hot dog fingers have not kicked in yet.

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Hurrah for Israel!

A picture, or in this case, a college football rankings listing, says a thousand words. Hurrah for Israel! Need I say more?For those of you who may be thinking something crass about BYU or thinking I'm praising any of the 1-7 ranked teams, you're wrong!!! You're supposed to be saying, "My, I am SO tickled to see that my favorite football team, BYU, is doing so marvelously." Yes, my friends, my alma mater is rocking the college football scene. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Corbin's alma mater, Virginia Tech. Hmmm, a measly 18. We'll be wearing cougar blue in this least until Corbin manages to post a blog :) And while I'm on my trash talking soap box, I'd also like to bring to everyone's attention that BYU is creaming the apostate school, Utah.

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