Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dark Knight

I realize the hype around Dark Night has mostly died down by now, but the legacy lives on. One recent Sunday afternoon, Corbin was lying in bed. I pounced on him and discovered that he was a little grouchy. So I did what any good wife would do, I teased him relentlessly about how he was a grump. Finally I tired of my teasings and left the bedroom. Soon I heard a ding from my iPhone telling me that I had gotten an email. I checked it and found an email from Corbin! The subject line said, "I'm not grumpy." I opened the email and saw this picture.For those wondering, the red text under Corbin's chin says, "Why so serious?" Corbin downloaded an application to his iPhone that allows you to make anyone a Joker victim. Seeing his picture, I had to do it too.

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Sunday Pleasures

Last week we returned from our 2.5 week vacation to Portugal. We have got a TON of blog topics ready to post...but one at a time! Hopefully we haven't lost all of our readers. Today has been an awesome Sunday so I wanted to blog about this first before any blogs on Portugal overshadow it.

Sunday has become our day to try new recipes. Corbin and I LOVE to cook. Today we had soup, salad, and bread. Fairly normal sounding but I have to admit, we did this in style, as you can see by the pictures.

Corbin made his awesome carrot soup, which we put in my favorite bowls. You can sort of see that there are lion heads on the side of the bowl. I think the soup tastes even better in these bowls. This is a soup Corbin learned to make on his mission in Portugal, but we didn't actually eat this soup while we were there (we did eat other kinds of soup though).

We had a very untraditional pear salad. And for our bread, I made a very very salty grape and basil foccacia. I love salt but I over did it a bit on the coarse sea salt :)

We really loved our travels in Portugal, but as cheesy as it sounds, there's no place like home or home cooking. This was quite poignant to me as I paused in my reading this afternoon. On my lap sat Papel taking a nap. (Since we've been home he's been very clingy.) Corbin was on the couch learning to play Silent Night on the guitar. And the air was filled with a mixed scent of stargazer lily and baking bread. I can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be.

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