Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not back, just stopping in to say hi.

I know I have not posted here in like at least two weeks, maybe even more. And if I am being honest, I probably won't be back for at least another two weeks. You see, I go through phases, and I'm pretty sure my blog phase has passed like a bad kidney stone.

But this little gem I just discovered was so good that I just had to post it. I know Keyboard Cat has been around for a little while now and many of you internet savvy folk have probably already seen a bunch (if you haven't, do a youtube search for 'play him off, keyboard cat' and bask in his effervescent glory). I thought I had seen all the great ones until today.

I was thinking of changing my ringtone on my phone and of course I immediately thought of changing it to 'play him off, keyboard cat' so I did a quick search for the audio file. That's when I discovered the keyboard cat mother lode. I nearly fainted with delight. So without further ado - play him off, keyboard cat!

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